Climate change talk

Jon Fuller from South East Essex Friends of the Earth spoke at the Chapel on Thursday 9 November. We’ll be posting some links to topics raised in his talk shortly.

Is it really “game over” for humanity?
Has the runaway greenhouse effect begun?
Do we still have time to avoid climate change catastrophe?

As media outlets report on evidence that a series of ‘climate feedbacks’ have begun to emerge and scientists like Prof Stephen Hawking express grave concern for life on Earth, we invite you to a talk to hear what scientists mean when they warn of the runaway greenhouse effect. The talk runs for 30 minutes and will be followed by a discussion open to all.

The talk will explain what lies behind the headlines, such as the expression “game over” in the Independent, the threat of “extinction of our species” on the RT TV channel and Prof Stephen Hawking’s warning that the planet will soon be unable to support life.
The talk is delivered in an easily accessible way for those unfamiliar with the science relating to climate change. The main ‘climate feedbacks’ will be explained and why scientists are now so concerned. As some scientists call for a technology called ‘geoengineering’, to lower global temperatures, the talk will explain what is being proposed.

People under the age of 25 may ask whether they can survive what could be coming. So for young adults the talk will also set out what might be done to feed people if global agriculture suffers unprecedented disruption.