Leigh Folk Festival 2017

The Chapel hosted two stages for the Leigh Folk Festival on Sunday 25 June. We had a great day with a wide range of music and refreshments in our downstairs community room.

Here are the timings for the two stages. Please note these are approximate timings that we’ve taken from the Festival Guide – see the Guide itself or the artist links for accurate times: download the Guide here (pdf document). There is a complete list of Artist bios on this page of the Leigh Folk Festival site: Artist A-Z.

Upstairs stage – Main Chapel

11.00 Sacred Harp Workshop
12.45 Plantman
1.30 Mary Hampton
2.20 Cath & Phil Tyler
3.20 Marry Waterson & David A Jaycock
4.20 Alasdair Roberts Trio
5.15 Winter
6.05 Oliver Cherer
6.55 Plague Dogs

Downstairs stage – Community Room

1.30 Out of Caves
2.15 Giwan Sulaiman
3.00 Lafidki
3.45 Zensunni
4.30 Sealionwoman
5.30 Bamboo

Housekeeping notices: Access to the upstairs stage in the main Chapel is up a set of (widely-spaced) steps. The Community room is at street level. The route between the two stages is via the external path to the left of the Chapel as you look from the road. Please note that the Fishermen’s Chapel is an alcohol-free zone.

We look forward to seeing you on Sunday!