Music Adventures for 2-4 year olds

Music Adventures for 2-4 year olds.

Music Adventures kicks off with our tried and tested DINOSAUR theme!

We will be learning about volume, the saxophone, playing at the right time and relating sounds to broader feelings. There will be confidence building, singing, dancing, and plenty of time to jam with the instrument box as we explore the prehistoric land and make a whole lot of noise. And yes parents, this is an especially loud one.

Please book in advance, £6 per child. PayPal to with your name, child’s name and age.

Music Adventures is a new fun and inclusive music group for 2-4 year olds. The children will learn about creating and appreciating music through pretend play and movement, and every session will include an introduction to a new instrument (whereever possible the children will be allowed to handle and play the main instrument however safety and hygiene do place limits on this). There will be dancing, plenty of time to play a wide range of real instruments (NOT JUST SHAKERS), and a trip on the magic carpet to a new theme each session.

Early musical education helps with all areas of life, in particular listening, turn taking, counting, sharing, body awareness, co-ordination, concentration, confidence and self expression. However this is not a classroom situation! We will be being very silly and loud. There will be no wrong answers and the sessions will evolve to suit the character and experience of the children present. Music is a social and joyous thing and this is the main message I wish to pass on.

Payment will be on a session by session basis, not by term, so if your child finds they do not enjoy it or if you would just like to explore their favourite themes there is no pressure or extra cost. I do request advance booking, to control class size.

Children with extra needs are welcomed and the age range is a recommendation, not a rule. This venue is downstairs and we can open the fire doors for wheelchair access. This session will involve loud and sudden noises. Please let me know when paying if there is anything special which will make it easier for your child to take part.

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Monday 25th September

Monday 30th October